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Special Needs

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The Special Needs Department at St. Colmcille's High School


In St Colmcille’s we cater for the needs of all our pupils. Children with special needs, either educational or physical, are educated in mainstream curriculum.


In this school we address learning needs through a structured system which we refer to as our learning support service. This service makes use of a variety of support strategies which include:-


(i)   Workshops


These are designed to help pupils with specific difficulties which impede their learning e.g. problems with spellings, writing etc. These pupils are helped by short, intensive courses which usually have a successful outcome.


(ii)  Withdrawal Groups


Pupils who have problems with reading will be helped by withdrawal from normal timetable for a specific length of time. Small group tuition ensures that each child receives individual specific help.


If you have any further questions about special needs please contact Mrs V Polly


Regarding pupils with special physical needs, we are a SEELB designated school for children with physical and hearing disabilities. Adaptations have been made to the fabric of the school to provide the necessary facilities.



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