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Composite Aims


1                    To provide pupils with a broad, balanced educational programme and a happy, secure learning environment in which they can develop to their full potential both academically and socially.


2                    To create a caring Christian community where self-discipline, self-respect and an appreciation of the needs, talents and contributions of others are seen as essential life-long values.




1.                  To maximise pupils’ innate abilities and talents and develop their self-esteem.


2.                  To provide pupils with a relevant, broad curriculum which will prepare them for further education and working life.


3.                  To give each pupil experience and evidence of success at a suitable academic level.


4.                  To ensure that all pupils achieve some nationally recognised qualification regardless of academic ability.




1.                  To encourage, within a Catholic ethos, high standards of self-discipline and integrity in dealing with others, a pride in oneself, one’s appearance and in the school community.




1.                  To provide a unified whole-school approach for the development of the child as an individual.


2.                  To create an environment for pupils in which they can develop their own personal attributes.


3.                  To promote an awareness of a healthy lifestyle.





1.                  To foster an understanding of our own culture and the culture of others.


2.                  To encourage a caring Christian relationship between staff and pupils and between school and the community.


3.                  To promote a critical consciousness of the society in which the pupils live.

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